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“All your favorite mixes at the best price”.

With our PRODUCTS OF YOUR CHOICE SUBSCRIPTION you will save for sure! then you will enjoy all our products with free shipping. Stock up on your favorite mixes quarterly and forget about buying them every month, never run out of your vitamins!.
In addition, with the Products of Your Choice subscription, we give you our exclusive YourGut bottle.

QUARTERLY PAYMENT Subscription contains:

  • 3x associated monthly mix, choose your favorite for each month in 3x 300gr pack format [30 servings per package].
  • 1x YourGut Bottle as a welcome gift to the YourGut community.
  • Free shipping on all products.

180,00 / 3 months

How does the subscription work?

Choose, for the first 3 months, which mixes you want us to send you.

The 3 mixes will be sent together in a single shipment, since we know how boring it is to have to wait for deliveries at home and we are aware of the environmental impact that each shipment generates.

Every quarter you will receive a new shipment with 3 more mixes, if you do not specify otherwise, they will be the same mixes that you chose at the time of registration. In your first shipment you will have a very special welcome gift (our YG Bottle).

The subscription will be charged quarterly (every 3 months) counting from the start date of the active subscription, you can see all the details of your subscription from p. of MY ACCOUNT.

As long as your subscription remains active you can enjoy free shipping on all the products you purchase on the web. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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