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Our History

About us

We introduce you to Ingrid

I decided to leave my stable job and develop this project to delve into what really moves me.

Without knowing it, all this started when I was ten years old, after being hospitalized due to a bicycle accident that perforated my duodenum.

This eventuality led me to value things as simple as being able to eat or walk from a very young age. When we lack health, both physical and mental, we lack everything.

Over the years, I began to care about having a more complete and therefore more holistic health.

I have questioned many times the purpose of our existence and what happiness really is.

I began to notice how food influenced my mood and energy. It was then that I learned about the close relationship between the microbiota and physical and mental health.

I want society to question their conformity with their current state and the way they treat their health.

My goal is to raise awareness that many diseases and pathologies are curable and preventable through regeneration of the microbiota.

If we want a full life, with health and vital energy, we need to give the body what it needs to reach its maximum potential.

XO Ingrid Scharlau

We believe in the power of Change

Sustainability is the way forward

From YourGut we can no longer look away and we don’t want to either.

We are permitting to destroy something, of which we are a part of and that is vital for our survival.  It is something that has always given us unconditional love: the nature.

Without it, humanity would not exist. All these years we have been unfair and greedy with its generosity. It has given us water, food, flowers, animals, wonderful symphonies of song in spring, colorful tones, and rest for the mind. It has been able to raise our spirits and clear up many concerns with a simple landscape.

We are exponentially approaching the end of life on planet Earth.

The current levels of contamination are being unsustainable. Beginning with the dangerously high temperatures and continuing with the extinction of animals and food.

Contamination is defined as the introduction of physical substances into a medium, causing it to be unsafe or unsuitable.

For years, the human being has introduced too many substances into the ecosystem of nature, neither safe nor suitable for it.

The use of pesticides and livestock farms in terrible conditions have caused and are causing an undeniable toxicity that affects the soil, air and water.

We are facing land without nutrients in the soil, where neither flora nor fauna can survive, irreversibly modifying the entire ecosystem.

Humanity is not left out of suffering the consequences, we experience them with respiratory problems, allergies and serious diseases.

We must understand that we are part of the ecosystem and that every time we intervene negatively in its balance, we destroy it and part of us.

Agriculture and livestock in poor conditions is one of the main causes of the loss of biodiversity in the world and we MUST stop it.

That is why our products are ALL of plant origin and come ONLY from plantations with ecological measures, that means, we use sustainable production methods for the environment and no pesticides.

If we use the correct way agriculture to bring balance back, we can help reverse the damage. Our goal is to re-establish and conserve the planet’s biodiversity.

Let’s restore the balance.

“Let’s take care of nature so that she continues taking care of us”.

– YourGut Company –

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