360º Lifechanging Experience Subscription

Unlock the unlockable

“Restore your life 360º and start again free of burdens”.

With the 360º LIFECHANGING EXPERIENCE SUBSCRIPTION you will work on your blocks and worries on a physical and mental level. Every month we select a problem present in society. We heal it by choosing the right mix for you and through the tools given in the Heal+ section.
In addition, with the 360º subscription, we give you our exclusive YourGut bottle.

MONTHLY PAYMENT Subscription contains:

  • 1x associated monthly mix, in a 300gr pack format [30 servings per package].
  • 360º access to all web content (Heal+).
  • 1x YourGut bottle as a welcome gift to the YourGut community.
  • Free shipping on all products.

68,99 VAT included / month

How does the subscription work?

The 360º subscription begins on days 1 to 3 of each month, if you subscribe within this period, your subscription is effective from that same day and you will receive the Mix corresponding to the current month from the beginning.

If, on the other hand, you subscribe after these days of the month, that is, from the 4th to the end of the current month, you will have free courtesy access from that same day to the Heal+ section, but your payment will not start to count until on the 1st of next month, when the new theme will start and the corresponding mix in question will be sent to you.

An ex. handy to understand how it works:

“I subscribe, for example, on January 10, I pay €38.99 at the time of subscription, I enjoy free access to the HEAL+ section as a welcome courtesy until January 31. February 1st is when my subscription really starts, at that time I will receive the Mix associated with the month of February and, in case it is my 1st month, I will also receive the welcome gift (YG Bottle). I will make the next payment on March 1 (and I will receive the associated mix for the month of March) and then on April 1 (and I will receive the associated mix for the month of April) and so on every month.”.

Remember that as long as your subscription remains active you can enjoy free shipping on all the products you purchase on the web and full access to the HEAL+ sections. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Just as you have spent many years repeating thoughts and forming negative habits, the human being needs a minimum of 21 days to change these bad habits into positive ones.

That is why we start counting from day 1 (and at most day 3) of the current month, since we want the subscription to be as effective as possible in your 360º life change and we do not want to leave the process halfway.


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