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Healing Dose

Anti-inflammatory + Digestive disorders

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Green Detox

Detoxifying + Emotional balance

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Energy Boost

Energy + Recovery

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Youth Elixir

Rejuvenating + Skin & Hair & Nails

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Gift Box

Your 4 favorite mixes together + 1 free month of 360º lifechanging subscription + our exclusive YG bottle

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Travel Bundle

A kit with your 8 favorite mixes together, in a very practical format for travel

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360º lifechanging

Work on your blocks and worries on a physical and mental level.
Every month we select a problem present in society. We heal it by choosing the right mix for you and through the tools given in the Heal+ section.

MONTHLY PAYMENT subscription contains:

  • 1x associated monthly mix (300gr package).
  • 360º access to all web content (Heal+).
  • 1x YG bottle.
  • Free shipping on all products.
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68,99 VAT included / month

of your choice

Subscribe and save! because you will enjoy all the products with free shipping.
Stock up on your favorite mixes quarterly and forget about buying them every month, never run out of your vitamins!.

QUARTERLY PAYMENT subscription contains:

  • 3x associated monthly mix (3x 300gr pack).
  • Free shipping on all products.
  • 1x YG bottle.
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180,00 / 3 months

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Health Starts Here

Most diseases start in the intestine. Let’s question common medicine and start believing in the wisdom of nature. LET’S GO WITH AND NOT AGAINST.

We want health to reach the doors of every home by combining the pleasure of taste with the pleasure of care, thus achieving a complete regeneration of the microbiota.

Help us build a strong population.

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Take care of yours

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