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Yourgut Movement

“We are a project that questions the existing rules of the game and redesigns, through the new approach of natural medicine, a new world.”

Each of our packets contain a blend of 4 pure, organic superfoods, ground into a very fine powder.
These are highly nutritious in micro and macronutrients of plant origin.
We make use of something natural that has always existed (superfoods), using innovative conservation techniques for easy and efficient consumption for the consumer but also respectful of the environment.
Our Mixes, in addition to nourishing the cells of our body in a holistic way to produce vitality and well-being, also prevent inflammation in it through the regeneration of the microbiota.

We want to make noise, a lot of noise,

and for that we need

Post a story on Instagram or much better, a reel, where you show how you shake Yourgut powders and make noise to wake up to the new path of a life full of vitality and natural health.
Don’t forget to tag us @yourgutofficial and hashtag #shaketoawakesociety #Yourgutmovement

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