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Reflective phrases
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of feelings

Every month we propound a different existential question that makes you reflect.

As we are a community, where we all want to improve, let go and grow, we have some boxes, where you can anonymously write your thoughts about the question. We do this because we want to show that we are not alone. At Yourgut Movement we want to share concerns, overcome them and move forward.

for emotional

Meditation is essential to be able to reconfigure our thought patterns. We have designed for each problem, a specific meditation to be able to unlearn negative thoughts and learn positive ones.


The word “Yoga” means union, since it is possible to connect through the physical, with the mental and spiritual part.

We have very wisely selected a specific Yoga Asana for each problem, so that this medium help you to achieve healing and connection with your interior.

with a

We are what we eat, because depending on our food, we can evoke one feeling or another through the influence of the Gut-brain axis.

Through the combination of the Superfood Mix choosen by the team and other ingredients in our recipe’s, we help to invoke the feeling that we need in that month, with the purpose of overcoming the problem in question.

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