Stress is a common evil, which is suffered by everyone, it can be work, social or personal stress.

In this state, the body is put into a state of alert, where blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism increase in order to help our body react quickly and effectively to a high-pressure situation.

This state is not bad if it happens from time to time, the body can handle it. What is dangerous and harmful is when a person suffers from chronic stress, that is, they constantly subject the body to this condition.
The consequence is that the body ends up not being able to withstand this constant pressure on the body and ends up collapsing.

It is then that inflammation occurs in the body where all kinds of diseases are manifested. It is a logical response of the body to say that it can no longer, and thus force the individual to rest.
To help control stress and prevent this inflammation in the body from occurring, we have carefully developed the “Healing Dose” Mix.

How Healing Dose Helps Fight Stress

Its first ingredient is turmeric. It has great antidepressant powers to help us have a more positive view of stress, it is an antioxidant, thus neutralizing the free radicals that stress produces and that trigger a disease and it is anti-inflammatory, it acts as a balm for our body.

Our second ingredient is the Baobab, it comes from South Africa and is especially known for its high content of Vitamin C. Did you know that it contains 10x more Vitamin C than oranges?
This vitamin is of great importance, as it has antioxidant effects and helps repair and regenerate the body. It is also responsible for strengthening our immune system, thus preventing us from being unprotected against viruses.

On top of this, it has 4x more potassium than bananas, 5x more magnesium than avocado, and 2x more calcium than milk.

When you are stressed do you eat more? Don’t worry about that either, because Baobab also helps reduce food cravings by promoting a feeling of satiety.

Our third ingredient is Ceylon Cinnamon. It helps increase memory and learning capacity, thus helping you to be more productive and efficient in your time. In addition, it also decreases oxidative stress and the inflammation derived from it.
We prevent stress from causing inflammation.
Ceylon Cinnamon has also emerged victorious in several studies for its antidepressant effect on episodes of chronic stress.

Our last ingredient is ginger. It reduces common migraines and headaches caused by stress, helps prevent chronic diseases, protects the brain against oxidative stress and is a great ally for treating and reducing anxiety levels.
The consumption of this set of superfoods means that stress no longer becomes a problem for you.

Enjoy life and value the little moments. 🙂




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