Algae consumption for detoxification

What are heavy metals? How do they affect our health? How to detoxify the body from them? It is evidence that we all have toxic heavy metals in our bodies, as we are constantly exposed to them from birth. We must differentiate between good heavy metals and harmful...

Stress, why “Healing Dose” is your ally

Stress is a common evil, which is suffered by everyone, it can be work, social or personal stress. In this state, the body is put into a state of alert, where blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism increase in order to help our body react quickly and effectively...

Turmeric: A natural antidepressant

Inevitably, mental health is an issue that affects almost the entire population, to a greater or lesser extent. What we do observe is that it is a taboo subject and that it is rarely talked about openly. We are aware that we all go through better and worse moments in...
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