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How superfoods
regenerate your microbiota
and change your life

Start your change
How superfoods regenerate your microbiota
and change
your life

“It is not uncommon for people to spend their entire lifes waiting to start living”.

– Eckhart Tolle –

About us

Our history

My name is Ingrid. I decided to leave my stable job and develop this project to delve into what really moves me.

Without knowing it, all this started when I was ten years old, after being hospitalized due to a bicycle accident that perforated my duodenum.

This eventuality led me to value things as simple as being able to eat or walk from a very young age. When we lack health, both physical and mental, we lack everything…


What to expect from our products

Regeneration of the microbiota

Superfoods. They are called like this because they provide numerous health benefits due to their high nutritional density. Due to their fiber and other components, they act as natural prebiotics. Thus serve as food for the beneficial bacteria that live in our body, favoring this way their growth.

Specific natural medicine

We formulate a mix of specific superfoods to treat your condition.

Enjoy mindful eating

Healthy has never tasted so good. Take your time to savor and enjoy our mixes. Tasteful and healthy? We make it possible.

Within everyone's reach

We strive to create products that our customer can: prepare quickly, store easily and are accessible to all pockets.

We care and take care of your health

Our superfoods go through very strict quality tests, where we make sure that they only contain the superfood in a PURE way. It is a MUST for us that our products are without additives, without preservatives, without genetic modifications and without pesticides. Say YES to transparency and awareness of all the ingredients you ingest.

Full Scale Health

Because of the Gut-Brain axis, mental health is influenced by gut health and vice versa.

To get out of the vicious circle, we must take care of and regenerate both organs.

Although it is true that if intestinal health is improved, mental health is positively influenced, we wanted to reinforce mental health in a more specific way.

Through our Heal+ subscription, we work monthly on different problems and emotional blocks that daily affect our mental health and prevent us from leading a happy and complete life.



  • Vegan ingredients: we use products that are not of animal origin, reducing this way agricultural pollution.
  • Organic food: we reduce the environmental impact, since the soil and the water are not contaminated with chemical products.
  • Reduction of plastic: a large amount of concentrated food fits in a single bag as it is dehydrated and grounded.
  • Food waste:  thanks to our dehydrated powder format, we avoid the short shelf life of the product and therefore food waste.


  • Reduction of the intake of toxins by humans thanks to our organic products.
  • Improvement of the health of society, making products high nutrients and vegetable protein easily available and therefore reducing the consumption of ultra-processed and animal origin food.
  • Affordable price for all families.
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